Hi again,

It’s been a fantastic but busy week for us here at Lilith Natural Beauty. Maddie and I are hard at work mixing our next batch of creams ready for shipping, which just so happens to coincide with Maddie taking the plunge and moving in with her partner! I’m so excited for her. It’s a huge step and I can’t help but feel a little emotional seeing my baby all grown up.

All of this change has got me thinking about life’s big turning points and how many I’ve had over the course of my fifty-five years; going to university, starting my first job, moving all the way across the world (twice) and having children of my own.

But the one that really stands out to me now, especially in light of what I’m doing now, was my second breast cancer diagnosis.

For those of you have experienced the big C (personally or through friends and family) then you know what a terrifying and challenging time it can be. The worrying, the conversations with friends and colleagues, the endless doctor appointments…and that’s even before you factor in surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone medications!

For my first diagnosis, I did exactly as I was told; surgery, chemo and a few weeks of daily radiation therapy. And while I am forever thankful for the care and expertise of those surgeons, nurses and specialists, the treatment took everything I had and then some. I lost a year of my life to sickness and losing my hair was really traumatic!

So, to then be faced with a second diagnosis just four years later, accompanied by a far more dire outlook, I felt like I had to climb Mt Everest…again!

But rather than follow the expected path, I made a decision which changed my life completely. I decided I would have the surgery which was a mastectomy…but I would not subject myself to more chemotherapy.

Instead, I was going to take everything I had learned from years of research into healthy living and put it into practice. I was going to heal myself, my way. The treatment had not worked the first time around…. Why would it work the second time!

This was not a decision I made lightly; in fact, it was utterly terrifying and it certainly caused a stir in my community. But I chose to stand by what I believed and to take a chance on myself. Because of this, I have had to sacrifice a lot of life’s little pleasures. Alcohol, caffeine, all animal products, gluten and even my beloved chocolate. Now I track and know absolutely everything that goes into my body and on to my body. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have not felt this healthy nor energetic for a very long time, and I have never felt as empowered and in control of my life as I do now.

It was adhering to this strict regime that inspired Maddie and me to start Lilith Natural Beauty. I still have the same skincare needs I always have and I don’t believe I have to sacrifice how I look and feel. Not when I can make effective products out of 100% natural and vegan ingredients.

My journey with health and well-being is still ongoing, but I decided I would not let cancer define me. And here I am, six years after that fateful second diagnosis, cancer free and putting what I believe into practice.


With love


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